Mar 15th 2018 @ 9:50am:

Hi Shinny Players!

Effective Monday March 19th, we have moved to the Silkea online shinny registration site. Please go to http://dropin.cardelrec.com to create/update your account and to register to play!

Thank you!


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Shinny FAQ:
How do I register?
Click on the "login/register" button.  Click on "Register".  Fill out your first and last name.  (Don't worry, only your first name and last initial will be displayed to the public.  However, you will have to present I.D. to prove who you are when you check in to play shinny.)  Choose a user name and email address.  (These can be the same if it helps you to remember your username.)  Select and verify your password.  Click on the "Register" button when your done.  You will then be taken to the login page.
How do I reserve a game?
Login.  From the "Games" calendar, select the month you wish to choose from.  Click on a game/date you wish to reserve.  In the right hand column, select "Reserve" in any open spot.  Your name should appear in the middle column.  This spot is held for you in a pending state for 20 minutes.  You have these 20 minutes to make changes and select other reservations before you have to finish your checkout and payment transaction.  If you need more time, click on "+time" to reset the time remaining clock to 20 minutes.  Remember, your reservation is not complete until you've checked out (paid).
How do I pay?
Once you're finished selecting all the games you want, click "Checkout".  This will take you to a confirmation page, listing all the reservations you've selected.  You can cancel any games you don't want.  Otherwise, select "Confirm Order".  Enter your phone number (in case we need to reach you in the event the game has been cancelled.)  Read and accept the Terms of Service.  Select "Continue".  This will take you to Paypal's secure payment site where you can pay using your credit card or Paypal account.  (Tip: If you create a Paypal account, you can still pay by credit card, but you won't have to fill in your information every time.)
Can I cancel a game after I've reserved and paid for it?
Yes.  Simply log in to your shinny account at http://dropin.cardelrec.com/login.cfm.  Select which game you want to cancel by date.  When that date opens up with the list of players, find your name and click "Cancel" in the right hand column.  You will then be credited with one free game.  You will notice your "Free Sessions" will have increased by one.  Cancellations are allowed up to 24 hours before a game.  If there is someone on the waiting list, you may cancel up to 1 hour before a game for full credit.
How do I use a Free Session?
Reserve a game(s) like you normally would.  When you go to "Checkout", you will notice that the price listed will be $0.00.  Confirm your order.  Enter your phone # and agree to Terms of Service as usual.  Continue.  If all your game reservations are free, then you will see your reservation confirmed.  If you have some games free, and some chargeable, you will be take to the Paypal site to pay for the chargeable ones.
Can I reserve and pay for a friend?
Yes.  Select a game reservation as usual.  (Even if you've already reserved one for yourself.)  It will show your name in the list.  In the Action column next to your name, select "Name".  Enter your friend's name.  (You don't have to enter their full name, but you will have to verify their identity at check in when they show up for shinny.  You are responsible for their attendance or cancellation.  They will not be able to cancel their own spot.)  Continue with the checkout and payment process as usual.
How does the Waiting List work?
If all the spots are full, the waiting list will open up, allowing you to place your name on the waiting list.  Note:  you will have to pay to have your name on the waiting list.  If no spot opens up, you be credited one game for future use.  If someone does cancel an hour or more before the game, your name will be automatically placed on the active roster, and you will be sent an email.  It is your responsibility to check your email and/or the reservation list on the website to see if you've become active.  If you miss the game, you will lose your credit. No cancellations are allowed if there is less than an hour to go before a game.
Goalies that no-show will be suspended for 1 month for their first offence, 2 months for the 2nd, and permanently for the 3rd.
Contact Us: 403-201-8652