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Rental requests can be sent to

Cardel Rec South offers multipurpose meeting rooms in a variety of sizes and may offer the ideal venue for your next meeting, birthday party or social event.

The Jets room is perfect for meetings with a large boardroom table and chairs. (Capacity:approx 16 - 20 comfortably.)

The Flames/Oilers Room can be rented separately or as a large multipurpose room accommodating up to 100 people when rented together. The Flames side is complete with a small kitchen and all the appliances. Approximately 50 people fit comfortably when the Flames or Oiler rooms are rented independently.

The Canadiens room is another multipurpose room equipped with a full kitchen and is able to accommodate up to 100 people for your next meeting or event.

 While there is no day rate on our banquet rooms, with a minimum 6 hour booking you will receive 2 hours at no additional cost for set up and take down (1 hour prior and one hour post booking time) 

The Renter agrees to abide by the SFCRA Rental Guidelines & User Expectations for the specified rental space. Please click for full details: Meeting Room Rental Guidelines

Meeting Room Rental Rates - Rates effective Jun 1, 2021 - March 31, 2023.

Small Meeting Rooms: Jets, Senators, Canucks, Kitchen ($42.17)

  • 16 person capacity 

  • Jets & Senators room are board rooms 

Medium Rooms: Maple Leaf, Flames, Oilers or Bobcat 1 or 2 ($61.85)

  • 50 person capacity 

  • Flames & Oilers rooms have kitchenettes available for your use 

Large Meeting Rooms: Canadiens, Flames/Oilers, West Commons ($96.15)

  • 100 person capacity 

  • Canadiens and Flames/Oilers have kitchenettes available for your use

The Canadiens is ideal for larger gatherings. This room seats 75-100 comfortably.

The Canucks Room is a small meeting room used primarily for our art classes.

The Jets Room seats 16 - 20 comfortably 

The Flames/Oilers Room combined becomes a large multi-purpose room and holds 75-100 comfortably. The Flames side boasts a small kitchen area as well.


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